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The Alexander Berkman Social Club is a group of anarchists who want to talk about what anarchism is, how anarchists see things and what anarchy could look like. Named after the editor of San Francisco’s mighty The Blast, we hope to have continual monthly meetings that are open to all. If you come you’ll get a membership card, the chance to win thousands of dollars (alright – the odd book or two) and hopefully something to think about and act on. You failed the audition for “So You Think You Can Dance,” and you just don’t seem with it. Don’t worry. The ABSC will have you. See you there!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Anarchist movie party!!

The ABSC will be showing the exciting film:
(Directed by Aitor Arregi and José María Goenaga)

Thursday, February 26, 2009
@ 522 Valencia
San Francisco, CA

This wonderful documentary is a great gateway drug into working class anarchism for the uninitiated and circle @ curious, as well as a shot in the arm and a humbling inspiration for already convinced anarchists.

Plus snacks, drink, camaraderie, discussion, and radical musical wallpaper by the Hippolyte Havel House Band.

Lucio Urtubia's life is the stuff of legend. A bricklayer by profession and an anarchist by conviction, as an activist in 1950s Paris he counted André Breton and Albert Camus amongst his friends, worked with anarchist guerrilla Francisco Sabate in attempting to bring down Franco's fascist regime and carried out numerous bank robberies to fund the struggle to free Spain. In 1977, after having his earlier scheme to destabilize the US economy by forgery rejected by Che Guevara, he put his plan into action. Lucio successfully forged 20 million dollars of Citibank travelers checks to fund guerrilla groups in Latin America, bringing the bank to its knees in the process. In between he helped organize the kidnapping of Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie from his hideout in Bolivia, aided the escape of Black Panthers from the US and not surprisingly was targeted by the CIA. Lucio has defended his life's work saying…'we are bricklayers, painters, electricians - we do not need the state for anything'.

"The banks are the real crooks, they exploit you, take your money and cause all the wars."
-Lucio Urtubia

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