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The Alexander Berkman Social Club is a group of anarchists who want to talk about what anarchism is, how anarchists see things and what anarchy could look like. Named after the editor of San Francisco’s mighty The Blast, we hope to have continual monthly meetings that are open to all. If you come you’ll get a membership card, the chance to win thousands of dollars (alright – the odd book or two) and hopefully something to think about and act on. You failed the audition for “So You Think You Can Dance,” and you just don’t seem with it. Don’t worry. The ABSC will have you. See you there!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I dream of Pittsburgh

Reason number two to visit Pittsburgh:

The Loose Organization of Surreal Ethereal Realists presents the first annual Alexander Berkman Memorial Music and Labor Festival. 8pm at the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, Oakland.

According to the organizers, "The evening also includes a farcical re-enactment of the shooting and a Berkman lookalike contest meant more to encourage period dress than to locate a posthmous body double for the author of Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist

A New Music Festival is Founded in Memory of Alexander Berkman
Alexander Berkman Music Festival

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